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  • Justin Wolff

    Portraits: Product: Real Estate: Manipulation: Aerial: Fine Art

    Senior Portraits

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    About Me

    My Name is Justin Wolff. I started photography as hobby back in summer of 2016, with nothing more than just my smartphone. Since then, I have dedicated hundred's of hours to teaching myself what it takes to do photography as a full time job. Most of my work revolves around real estate, and portraits; I do landscapes for fun.

    Visual Storytelling

    Wherever I am, whatever I may be photographing, I like for my final images to create emotion and a feeling of warmth and interest in what is going on. Seeing something with your eye, is much different than looking through a lens; finding a way to communicate what the camera can see to the human eye is what I do best.

    Professional Results

    I've been doing photography on a semi-professional level for the past 6 months. Over this time, I have taught myself a wide range of skills from post processing, to completely changing how an image looks via Photoshop manipulation. No matter what you have me photograph, I promise high quality end results: or your money back.

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